Dark gray is the best colour for roofing in Vaughan

What are the Best Roof Colours in Ontario?

Have you noticed that up to 40% of your home exterior is your roofing system? A well-functioned roof can protect your home from storms and hails; with a carefully-designed colour, it can also help reduce your utility bills and increase the curb appeal value of your house.

So what is the best roof colour to choose in Ontario? We need to consider the functionality you need and the aesthetics you desire.

The Functionality

1. What is the best roof colour for cold weather?

When people complain about the surprisingly high utility bills, it might be a good time to think if they have an energy-efficient roofing system. 

To answer what is the best colour for roof shingles in cold weather, we can review the interactions between light and colours on an object. Simply put, an object with black colour absorbs all wavelengths of light which then transfer into heat, whereas an object with white colour absorbs almost none.

So those roofs with dark colours can absorb more heat and make the house interior warmer. In cold weather, darker colours work better to preserve the energy and reduce the bills. Not to mention in Ontario where it snows a lot, the darker shingles can help the snow melt faster and work better.

Grey roofing makes the house warmer

On the other hand, if your summer bill goes crazy, you may consider the roofs with lighter colours for energy saving. Given similar effectiveness of the roof insulation and ventilation, light colours make the inside of your house cooler and they work better in hot seasons.

2. What is the best colour that makes your house look larger?

Some people may wonder if there are any simple tricks to make their house appear larger to increase the curb appeal value.

Generally speaking, roofs with light colours can make the house appear larger. But before making the decision, there are other factors that should be considered.

First of all, with light colours, the imperfections on the roof may easily show. Homeowners need to take really good care of the roof and make sure that it looks perfect from outside.

Besides, like interior design, every colour element should work together to make the entire design stand out. When you are making a decision to pick the best colour for your roof shingles, there are several elements to think about. I have listed some tips for your reference in “The Aesthetics” section.

Light colour roof make house larger

The Aesthetics

When it comes to “beauty”, everyone has his or her own definition. There is no simple answer as to what is the best colour for a house. But we can find out some colours that can match your house. Here are some factors to consider.

  1. Choose a colour that matches the surroundings and the architectural style of the house.
  1. Think about the main colour of your house – the colours of the sidings and the shutters. It will be better if the colour of your roof can create some contrast compared to the colour of the sidings to make your house look more vivid and appealing.
  1. Besides the main colour of your sidings and shutters, the smaller exterior colour elements can help you make a decision as well. Think about the colour of your garage door, your interlock or even your landscape; a matching colour to these little elements can create a feeling of balance and harmony.

So what is the best roof colour in Ontario?

The stand answer is always “it depends”. But to me, to survive the long winter, the dark grey theme is always my preference.

house with darker roof

I hope this article could offer some insights about colour choices and help you make a more informed decision before choosing your roof colours.

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